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The purpose of the Budget Committee is to review the draft Operating Activities Budget and Cash Flows Budget as prepared by the Administrative Staff, and to meet with the Administrative Staff to review that draft for the purpose of preparing a recommendation to the Board of Directors relative to adoption of those budgets. The Budget Committee shall also respond to such requests, recommendations, and changes in those budgets as the Board of Directors may direct.

Each member of the Executive Committee is ex officio a member of the Budget Committee. The Treasurer shall serve as Chairman. Every even year the President shall appoint, as additional members of the Budget Committee, rotating persons representing the even-numbered or odd-numbered Districts, together with such other members of the Board of Directors, as the President may consider appropriate for that year.

The Budget Committee shall meet at the call of the President in consultation with the Treasurer and Executive Director.

The members of the 2014-2015 PIAA Budget Committee are as follow:

Name Title District
James T. Zack BOD President District IV Chairman
Francis M. Majikes BOD Vice-President District II Chairman
*James B. Manners BOD Treasurer District IX Chairman
Dr. Michael A. Barber Chairman District I
Ronald H. Kennedy Chairman District III
Virgil R. Palumbo Chairman District V
John B. Fullen, Sr. Chairman District VII
Scott M. Seltzer Treasurer District VII
Robert F. Hartman, Jr. Chairman District XI
Michael W. Hawkins Vice Chairman District XII Vice
John J. Tommasini Representative PA Dept. of Education
Julie K. Swartfager Representative PSBA
Dr. David A. Crumrine Representative PASSP
Timothy P. Honeywell Representative PSADA
Pamela R. Cherubin Representative Female Officials'
Dennis F. Nemes Representative Private Schools'
Sandra J. Hanes Representative Female Parents'

*Indicates Chairman