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Official Ball List

Thursday, July 01, 2010

PIAA Board of Directors awards "Official Ball" status to the following manufacturers

Sport Manufacturer Official Ball Agreement Expiration
Golf Interested manufacturers -
please contact Mark E. Byers at or 717/697-0374.
Tennis Wilson X-Duty Championship
T1001 - Outdoor
T1003 - Indoor
June 30, 2014
Volleyball Baden Perfection VX5EC June 30, 2014
Basketball Baden Boys:
Perfection Elite BX7E
Perfection Elite BX6E
June 30, 2014
Football Wilson WTF1003B June 30, 2014
Baseball Wilson A1010BPENN June 30, 2014
Soccer Brine Championship June 30, 2014
Softball Wilson WTA9011BPENN June 30, 2014

NOTE: Member schools are reminded that the above adoptions are for use during PIAA participating Districts and PIAA Inter-District (state) Championship play. Schools are not required to use these balls during their regular season contests.